Effective June 1st, 2018, hourly rates will increase for many of our providers. Please see below for the updated hourly rates based on provider:
  • Stephanie Belseth, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – $400/hour
  • Tara Calmes, Nurse Practitioner – $350/hour
  • Mara Liss, Pediatrician – $350/hour
  • Cathy Moore, Physician Assistant – $350/hour
  • Carolyn Bowles, Medical Doctor – $350/hour
  • Cathy Dolan, Family Practice Doctor – $350/hour
  • Rachel Wood, Registered Dietitian – $150/hour
  • Anna McConville, Physical Therapist – $125/hour
  • Catherine Duncan, Social-Emotional and Spiritual Care Provider – $125/hour
  • Kaiya Vasquez, Nuerolic Reflex Integration Specialist – $80 per care session and $450 for an initial evaluation

If you have any questions regarding the new fee schedule, please contact Newbridge Health & Wellness.