Newbridge has changed our lives! My son had a difficult birth, but was a “normal baby”… As he grew he became sensitive to social situations and had a significant speech delay. Eventually, he was evaluated by our school district and the school psychologist came to our house, telling us he was autistic. We saw Stephanie in March of 2015 and he began to change immediately. We removed dairy and gluten and instantly he became more present. Stephanie recommended an occupational therapist, and she has worked wonders, social situations have improved dramatically. It has been a lot of work but we have seen so much progress. The most drastic improvement we have seen has come from the immunotherapy we began in May of 2017. Within a week of taking it, school reported he had his best week communicating of the entire year. Words cannot express that appreciation and gratitude I have for all the help that Newbridge has given our family. It takes a lot of dedication, persistence, and patience to implement some of the plans – but the rewards are beyond worth it.