This is the first clinic that has provided true healing and improvement for Micah and his autism. We couldn’t be happier. His developmental pediatrician told us that there wasn’t much we could do to help him… After meeting with Stephanie and changing his diet, helping his gut heal, supporting him nutritionally, and treating his underlying issues, he is an entirely new kid. He became potty trained, started talking, he is alert and present with us for the first time in his life, he can now attend and focus for much longer periods of time, and he is finally learning in school. His therapists and teachers were amazed by his transformation and kept asking us what we were doing. Before Newbridge, Micah made only 3 months worth of progress in 1 year, but after starting with Newbridge, he made 1 years worth of progress in only 3 months. Thank you Stephanie! We will be forever indebted to Newbridge and your wonderful care!
– Melanie H, Mother of 5 year old

Melanie H - Mother of 5 year old