After having two children with special needs, one with Autism and one with severe ADHD, my husband and I were super nervous when considering having another baby, since we knew that we were at a much higher risk of having another child with neurodevelopmental or learning and behavior issues, especially with me being older… We met with Stephanie and worked on a plan to get healthier ourselves, long before conceiving our next baby, and it really paid off. We did things so differently ourselves and with our third child, before conception, during pregnancy, her birth, breastfeeding, infancy and toddlerhood. She is now the happiest and healthiest toddler in the world, totally normal (even advanced compared to the other kids in her ECFE class), well-nourished, calm, bright, and thriving more than we ever thought possible.
– Nicole E, Mother of 2.5 year old

Nicole E - Mother of 2.5 year old