LDA/LDI Coaching:

These coaching sessions are an alternative to follow-up visits with a provider. They are offered in addition to our LDA/LDI classes as another opportunity to ask questions between provider appointments. Coaching sessions can be in person or over the phone. They cost $60/hour, prorated based on the duration of your visit, typically lasting between 10-20 minutes. Call to make an appointment for a LDA/LDI coaching session.

Supplements Coaching:

For many of our patients, we recommend diet and nutritional changes as a foundation to healing and optimal health. Everything else, including supplementation, builds upon that. It is important that you or your child receives top-quality, well-sourced, pure, standardized supplements that are made according to top manufacturing practice standards – containing what the bottle actually says they contain (and nothing else) – in therapeutic quantities and combinations that are free of harmful contaminants and toxins.

We understand the challenges of incorporating supplements into your treatment plan and realize that it may be overwhelming initially. By scheduling a session with a supplement coach, you can speak with a trained staff member and create an easy-to-understand calendar with all of your supplements. Coaches will help you determine when to start them, how often to take them, and how to prioritize in conjunction with your overall treatment plan. These visits are typically 30 minutes and cost $60/hour (prorated to the amount of time needed). Call to make an appointment for a supplement coaching session.

As always, we recommend that you try to keep a journal or write in your calendar when you start anything new (diet, supplements, or medication) to help track improvements or changes in symptoms.