Welcome to our electronic health record patient portal where you can connect with your (or your family’s) personal health records.

New patients: please call 612-730-2237 or email appt@newbridgelcinic.com to request a new patient appointment and to be added to our patient portal.  You will receive a link so that you can sign up, receive information and complete new patient paperwork.

Existing patients: Click here to login to your patient portal account in order to complete questionnaires and/or forms, review your treatment plan from your/your child’s last visit, review lab results, read handouts we have attached for you, upload documents into charm,  or send a message to our patient care coordinator regarding clarifications about a recent visit or treatment recommendations.

Note, because our patient volume is large, and in order to provide more equal assistance and support to all of our patients and families, you will receive a maximum of 5 care coordinator online messages/encounters in-between office visits.  This allows us to be able to better be able to answer questions and clarify things for all of our patients.  If you have a new concern or question, please schedule an in-person or telephone appointment with one of our staff members or providers.  Thank you!