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Dan Wolpert
Daniel Wolpert, healer and student of the spiritual life, worked as a research scientist, psychologist, spiritual director, farmer, teacher, and construction worker before earning his Masters of Divinity degree at San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS). Over the past thirty years he has taught in the fields of psychology and spiritual formation, led retreats, and delivered talks in such settings as the Art of Spiritual Direction Program at SFTS, the Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project, national ministry conferences, UCLA, UND medical school, Luther Seminary, the 5-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation and numerous other settings around the world. He has also played key rolls in developing environments for contemplation and the formation of spiritual leaders as he has helped build or restore monasteries, theological schools, and retreat centers across North America. Recently he worked as a church pastor and now continues his spiritual direction and healing work in private practice and through the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing. Daniel is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Minnesota Institute of Contemplation and Healing (www.micahprays.org). He is the author of “Leading a Life with God, the practice of spiritual leadership (Upper Room 2006), “Creating a Life with God: the call of ancient prayer practices”(Upper Room 2003), co-author of “Meeting God in Virtual Reality” (Abingdon 2004), and “The Collapse of the Three Story Universe: Christianity in an Age of Science” (MICAH 2013) as well as numerous articles and book chapters on meditation and healing.