Because so many of our patients are now using Low Dose Allergen Therapy (LDA) and Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI), we are expanding the ways to help you efficiently get your next doses and schedules. After your initial appointment and you have received your starting round of LDA/LDI doses, it is recommended that you schedule at least your first follow-up visit with your provider to review your reactions, ask any questions you may have, and to determine your next schedule and doses.

Once you’ve gotten started, and if you remain consistent with specific antigens/allergens, you can get your next doses in 3 ways…

Via Charm

If everything went well with your doses, you have had no negative reactions, and know the next strengths and dates you need, you can message your request via Charm and tell us when you will pick up or if you want them shipped to you (a $9.95 charge for shipping and handling applies). Please include the antigen or allergen, the strength, and the date to take in your message so we can complete the schedule guide to accompany your doses.

If you have questions, need to discuss reactions or observations, have gotten off schedule or missed doses, or need other help to determine your next doses and schedule, you can now choose to follow up…

In an LDA/LDI Class

Do you currently use LDA or LDI and have questions or need more support? Or have you heard about LDA/LDI and want to learn more before deciding if it’s for you? We can help answer your questions, and you can learn more about this safe, effective, affordable and exciting treatment option that we are finding very helpful for allergies, autoimmunity,autism, PANDAS, and chronic infections (ie. Lyme & related co-infections). These classes are led by Stephanie and/or Cathy Moore and are offered twice per month from 12pm to 1:30pm.

With a Trained Staff Member for an Individualized LDA/LDI Coaching Session

These coaching sessions are an alternative to follow-up visits with a provider. They are offered in addition to our LDA/LDI classes as another opportunity to ask questions between provider appointments. Coaching sessions can be in person or over the phone. They cost $60/hour, prorated based on the duration of your visit, typically lasting between 10-20 minutes. Please call the clinic to set up a coaching session.

LDA/LDI Reminders

This therapy is most effective when taken every 7 – 8 weeks and best results are seen after using therapeutic dosing for at least 6 months. Whenever you wish to add in new antigens, please make an appointment with your provider.