Appointment & Insurance:
Newbridge Clinic serves individuals of all ages using a holistic, personalized approach, including pre-conception, babies in utero, infants, children, teens, young adults and older adults.
We are an out-of-network outpatient clinic, use a fee for service model, and accept payment at the time of service. As a courtesy to our patients, we will submit a claim for most MD, NP, and PA visits to many insurance companies electronically if possible. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly at the level they cover, depending on whether you have met your relevant deductible/s or not. We have chosen to be out-of-network so that we can offer progressive treatment and standards of care consistent with The Institute for Functional Medicine, The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs, and related esteemed holistic organizations. This progressive and personalized health and medicine approaches are not always the standard of care, or available within the typical western medicine or allopathic model of healthcare.
We are out-of-network and therefore are not allowed to submit electronic claims to Medicaid, Medicare or straight medical assistance.  Additionally, Medicare patients are not allowed to submit claims from out-of-network clinics, therefore all Medicare patients will be required to review and sign a private contract prior to receiving care at Newbridge Health & Wellness.
Visit our New Patient page for more information regarding cost.
A typical new patient visit is 90 minutes, although it can run shorter or longer than this, depending on the age and complexity of the patient, questions asked during the visit and lab tests or past medical records that patients would like reviewed. Follow-up appointments typically last between 15-75 minutes, depending on the type of visit and questions asked during the visit.

Our hourly rates are typically less than the fee charged for visits lasting a similar amount of time in typical in-network based clinics, however, our typical clinic visits are often longer. Longer visits enable us to be able to listen thoroughly to your/your child's symptoms, starting before conception, consider your life timeline, social and emotional issues, diet, stress, and lifestyle, and provide adequate time for physical exam, health/medical problem solving, assessment, education and support, which ultimately contributes to improved health, healing and quality of life.
Newbridge Health & Wellness is committed to serving all patients, regardless of their ability to afford services. We want holistic and integrative medicine to not be "wealth-care" but really "true healthcare" for anyone interested and motivated to improve their health or the health of their child.

Therefore, we frequently offer high-quality lectures, classes, education and support groups, and Question and Answer groups led by our doctors, nurse practitioners and other healthcare staff monthly. During these events, there is always time for questions and recommendations to help you learn how to become healthier, even without a 1:1 visit. For individuals with poor insurance coverage, we recommend that you come to every group that we offer that you can to receive the education you need there. Then you use the time in shorter 1:1 consultations to focus on your personal history, exam, ordering of tests and reviewal of test results, recommendations, and use group visits or classes to augment your 1:1 visits.

For those who can't afford 1:1 visits at all, please come to our classes and we can help you with initial recommendations and resources to help you get on the road to healing and optimal health. For many patients, making diet, targeted nutrient, and lifestyle changes on their own can be enough to help them overcome their symptoms and become optimally healthy, even without testing or individual consultation. It all begins with you, with a little help from us along the way! We are willing to work with you! If you are interested in signing up to join our clinic and/or education and support group mailing lists, submit your email in the bar above.
Treatment & Lifestyle:
We do offer the sale of the highest quality nutritional supplements in our office, and through vetted high-quality third-party vendors online. It is important that you or your child receives top-quality-sourced, pure, standardized supplements made according to good manufacturing practice standards, which actually contain what the bottle says they contain (and nothing else), in therapeutic quantities and combinations, and that is free of harmful contaminants and toxins. We do sell supplements at a discount, and at a larger discount than most other providers offer, in order to benefit patients. Patients are welcome to purchase supplements from other vendors however, we do recommend that patients use the brands we recommend and trust so that we can be sure of what the patient is receiving and the therapeutic benefits.

Many lower quality supplements have been tested and found to not contain what the label indicates, containing poor quality and ineffective ingredients, or containing ingredients, toxins, and contaminants not listed on the bottle. For more information, read this article.
In general, we usually recommend diet and nutritional changes as a foundation to healing and optimal health. Everything else builds on that. Start by making your diet changes first. Start by reading the handouts provided to you in relation to your visit - you can find these in your patient portal. You can also watch some food documentaries (Fed Up, Food Matters, Hungry for Change, Fresh, Genetic Roulette, Food Inc, Supersize Me, King Corn, What's on Your Plate, Bought, for starters). Also talk with friends or family members who have done this before you, or come to an education class or support group to help you get motivated and know where and how to start. You can also schedule an appointment with your doctor or nurse practitioner, functional registered dietitian/nutritionist, or health educator, for more personalized instructions. 

Regarding supplements and prescriptions, if your practitioner gave you a desired order of starting things, follow that. If not, we generally recommend starting one thing every 4 or more days, beginning with the foundational items such as the specific probiotics recommended for you/your condition, the specific multivitamin/mineral chosen for you/your child, pure, high quality omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, and additional vitamin D3/K2, followed by magnesium or minerals, if recommended. After those are on board and going well, then you can start whatever else was recommended to you, one at a time, again with one new addition no closer than every 4 days, so that you can observe for any potential reactions. Try to keep a journal or write in your calendar when you started anything new (diet, supplements or medication) as a way to help track improvements or changes in symptoms.
Start by finding some local, organic-oriented or beyond organic farmers near you and buying directly from them. It is easier than you think! If you don't live directly near an organic-oriented farm, check out farmers who deliver. Many farmers have drop sites in major metropolitan areas and nearby suburbs, so we are sure that you can find one that delivers near you. You can also drive out to a farm slightly farther out once monthly, if needed, to stock up. Check out our Local Buying Directly From Farms handout for more tips. If you have a great farmer to recommend, please let us know! We are happy to recommend and support local farmers with sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy and organic growing practices.  

Regarding pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, we recommend checking out the environmental working group's shoppers guide to pesticides in produce and their dirty dozen and clean fifteen shopping guides. You can also check out the full list along with their gmo shopping guide. If you can't afford to eat 100% organic initially, start by avoiding all produce on the dirty dozen end of the list, or buy those items as organic, and eat more of the produce items on the clean fifteen end of the list.

We are big fans of growing home organic gardens, and square foot gardening -- consider planting one in your yard, or on your balcony or deck. As they say, you pay now (for clean, quality food), or pay later (with poor health and big doctor/hospital bills). We vote for paying a little more now, to get healthy and stay healthy!
Some individuals, when starting certain new foods or supplements, may initially feel slightly worse before feeling better. This is because the bag bugs sometimes release endotoxins as they are getting killed, and this can temporarily make the person have a stomachache, headache, be irritable or have bad behavior (especially in children). Examples of things that might cause a herxheimer effect or "die off" effect for someone with gut microbial imbalances, are probiotic-rich foods like cultured raw, lactofermented sauerkraut or kimchi if started at too high of a dose, probiotic supplements, herbs, supplements or medication intended to help kill bad bacteria yeast, viruses or parasites, or even plant-based digestive enzymes or proteolytic enzymes. When starting any of these supplements, it is best if you start them at a fraction of the therapeutic dose initially, even at just a tiny sprinkle of an opened capsule, and gradually increase the dose as tolerated. You can also try activated charcoal on an empty stomach, 2 hours after the killing agent is taken, to absorb some of the endotoxins released by the bad bugs when they are getting killed, thereby relieving symptoms.
So many of us have fallen into the modern day trap of being over-worked, over-scheduled, over-committed and as a result, become irritable, exhausted, and devoid of joy in our lives. This can be true of any of us, but is especially true if you are the parent of a child with special developmental, academic or behavioral needs. There are just too many things to do each day, and a parent is never as unhappy as his or her most unhappy child.

So, stop and take a moment to forget about what you need to do, forget your worries, smell a flower, take a few deep breaths, and make a plan. Decide to take that meditation class, sign up for a yoga pass, list 5 things each morning that you are grateful for, and cancel or transfer at least one commitment off of your schedule. If you think you need deeper help along the lines of balancing gut, adrenals, thyroid, neurotransmitters, or hormones, you can schedule a 1:1 consultation with one of our practitioners.
Many children are able to become calmer, more attentive, and have fewer sensory issues, simply by cleaning up their diets and determining what foods and/or food chemicals they are reactive to, and removing them from their diet. You may think that this will be much too hard to embark on making the necessary changes, but it will be even harder in a couple of years (and the behavior probably will be worse, believe it or not), so it is better to tackle this issue now, rather than later. 

There are many different ways to tackle this, from cleaning out your pantry and going cold turkey off everything that might be problematic, to starting gradually by removing one reactive food at a time and replacing them with healthy whole foods based organic options. Come to a group or schedule a 1:1 consultation to find out more, and get the support you need to get started. For many kids, this may be all you need to do, and for others, diet changes plus some brain and body balancing targeted nutrients, possibly along with some meditation or yoga calm will do the trick.
Methylation is a critical metabolic process that happens in every cell in our bodies and that is critical to life. Technically it is the process of taking a single carbon and three hydrogens (CH3), known as a methyl group, and donating it to never-ending essential chemical processes related to multiple functions in our bodies, such as: folate metabolism, detoxifying environmental toxins, fighting infections, repairing DNA, creating a healthy gut, thinking and processing, making neurotransmitters, turning on and off genes, and much more. Approximately half of the population have methylation mutations or weaknesses, and even more are not methylating properly due to poor diet, stress, toxicity and more. Supporting methylation by healthy lifestyle choices and nutrient supplementation can help you or your child become healthier, happier and function at a much higher level.

Come to our monthly methylation group to learn more, or schedule a consultation to order/review your SNPs and nutrigenomic profile and create healthy changes to help you be healthier and happier, with optimal vitality. If you want to order your profile before coming to a group or consultation, click here to order your personal genetic single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panel.

Contact our office to learn what reports you will need to upload it into for optimal interpretation and review prior to your visit.
The symptoms we have come to know as autism are the result of underlying genetic predispositions that are triggered by environmental exposures. By treating underlying issues, children do better, heal more completely and have a possibility of reversing symptoms to the point of possibly not meeting criteria for their diagnosis in the future. Children with autism respond better and faster the younger that you can get started with all types of intervention, all the way from diet changes, to healing the gut, to nutrient supplementation, to supporting underlying genetics, to maximizing epigenetics, to occupational and speech therapy, to masgutova neurologic reflex integration (MNRI) therapy, to neurologic chiropractic therapy, to cranial sacral therapy, to energy medicine therapies, to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and many other types of educational, health and behavioral therapies.

We recommend that you get started on diet changes and enroll him or her in therapies first. The diet changes and biomedical/functional medicine approach will help your child progress faster in the traditional therapies, and the combined approach will give him or her the best path to overcoming these issues and go on to live a happy, healthy, full, and rewarding life. The journey is intense, but don't ever give up hope. A silver lining is there waiting for you, and there is so much that you can do to help your child. Check out the info here about what to do if newly diagnosed, and as you have more time, dig into the Talk About Curing Autism(TACA) journey guide for more ideas. You might be able to get a guide for free by attending a local TACA coffee chat or support group.