ReNew For the New Year:
Real, Whole Food Eating – A Low Carb, Nourishing Food Transition For Greater Energy & Healing


Do you or your child have autoimmune, gastrointestinal, neurological, or other chronic health conditions? Join Rachel, integrative and functional dietitian, for the ReNew for the New Year group to get you started on a “whole systems reboot”. This program supports healing by removing common food triggers that contribute to metabolic dysfunction while providing the essential nutrients that are needed for health and vitality. You’ll reduce intake of all sweeteners and processed foods, lower inflammation, and improve your body’s ability to eliminate harmful substances. There is a strong emphasis on eating clean foods for life and avoiding those foods that impair the body’s ability to function properly.

Whether your goal is to rid the body of inflammation, identify food allergies or intolerances, kick out foods that are potentially addictive or harmful, or support your body’s ability to detox naturally, this program is for you. Families and/or spouses are encouraged to join together, due to the higher success rate when you have support at home. You’ll also have support from other participants as well as Rachel as you go through the program.


  • $60 per person – Includes the cost of the three sessions
  • $140 per person – Includes the costs of the three sessions PLUS two BIA sessions to help gauge improvements in body composition, inflammation status, and muscle mass to compare to a baseline sesssion


Thursday, January 4th from 6:00pm – 7:00pm
ReNew for the New Year Group Kickoff:

The ReNew Food Plan is designed to support not just the gut, but also the liver, the hub of detoxification processes. By implementing this food plan, you will decrease toxin intake and experience better digestive function, improved immune function, and enhanced liver detoxification. In this session, you’ll get the guidelines and all the resources you need. You’ll leave with a meal plan, recipes, shopping guide, and more.

NOTE: If you chose to do the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sessions to determine baseline body fat percent, muscle mass, and fluid status, you will need to schedule a brief session with Rachel to get this done prior to the first class on 1/4/18.

Thursday, January 18th from 6:00pm – 7:00pm
ReNew for the New Year Check-in & Troubleshooting:

This class will focus on supporting you. Some may initially experience detox symptoms like headaches, brain fog, or irritability. Following this period, most people report improved mood and cognition, decreased fatigue and pain, better sleep, and favorable changes in body composition. During this session, you will have a chance to ask questions, share recipes and support each other. Rachel will offer suggestions and tips to keep you focused, motivated, and on track to finishing strong.

Thursday, February 1st from 6:00pm – 7:00pm
ReNew for the New Year Next Steps:

This final class is focused on next steps and sharing “ah-ha” moments. Some participants may want to try re-introducing some foods, and some may not want to. Rachel will help you to know the right path to take. If you need further personalized nutrition support, you are welcome to schedule a nutrition session with Rachel to discuss your plan. The goal is not to maintain a long-term restrictive diet, but to expand variety to foods that fully support and nourish your individual system.

NOTE: If you chose to do the BIA sessions to gauge improvements in body composition, inflammation status, and muscle mass to compare to baseline session, you will need to schedule this before 2/28/18.


This program is not recommended during pregnancy. We highly encourage you to attend all three sessions for maximum benefit. No refunds are given if you miss a session. Each family member attending will be required to pay full rate.

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