We offer a wide variety of therapies in order to address and treat a wide variety of health concerns. We value working together to customize a wellness plan as we guide and support you through your journey. Below are a few of the therapies offered at Newbridge Health and Wellness.

At this time, not all therapies are listed online – please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

AcupunctureFrequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy (FSM)LDA/LDIAlpha-StimIonCleanseMeditationMore Therapies...
Acupuncture is one of the many alternative therapies and treatments Newbridge offers.

It involves inserting thin needles into the skin at very strategic points of the body along the different energy pathways; it is most commonly used to treat pain but it has a variety of benefits, including stress management.

FSM is an intervention for injury, pain, inflammation and other disturbances in the body.

Every type of tissue in the body produces electromagnetic energy that resonates at a specific frequency. Through matching the specific frequency of the tissue involved with the presumed condition, FSM encourages natural healing of the body, reduces pain and inflammation, and repairs tissue by potentially increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Because so many of our patients are now using Low Dose Allergen Therapy (LDA) and Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI), we are expanding the ways to help you efficiently get your next doses and schedules. If you would like more information about LDA/LDI, we recommend the following videos…


Alpha-Stim is an electrotherapy device that can be used to treat chronic, acute, and post-traumatic pain, and anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Pain, mood conditions, and insomnia are controlled by the body’s central nervous system which communicates by sending electrochemical signals between the cells in the body and the brain.

Alpha-Stim works by sending an electrical waveform to help modulate the cells’ signals to return to baseline, normal functioning – thus reducing pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia without medication. Patients can experience symptom relief after one treatment and greater relief with multiple treatments.

There are no known significant side effects to this therapy. A typical session lasts 20 minutes and costs $20. To schedule an Alpha-Stim session, please call the clinic.

IonCleanses work by sending a small, direct current from the control unit into the array which is placed in the water. The metals in the array, in combination with the water and salt, create positive and negative charged ions. This is done by separating H+ and OH- from H2O. These ions then neutralize oppositely charged particles in the body which are then pulled out of the body through the skin via osmosis and diffusion.

It can be used to support detoxification from various meridians (kidney, bladder, joints, liver, lymphatic, etc.), and some potential benefits from doing an IonCleanse include increased energy and improved mental clarity.

Newbridge uses the IonCleanse machine produced by A Major Difference. A typical IonCleanse lasts 30 minutes and is $40 per session. To schedule a session, please call the clinic.

When we make friends with our mind, we become alive, feel empowered, and less anxious.

Meditation, the practice of paying attention to our whole selves, has been a part of every culture and religion. We now know that meditative practices stimulate our body’s natural healing power, facilitate many positive physical changes that are the reverse of the stress response, and increase our capacity for compassion and caring for other/ourselves.

More information coming soon about…

  • Energy Medicine
  • Yoga Calm
  • Essential Oils