Holistic Healthcare for the Whole Family

Individualized attention and support so mom and dad can be optimally ready to conceive and carry a healthy and happy baby. Receive assessment, recommendations, support, and follow-up, for before conception to help prevent conditions such as autism, ADHD, allergies, chronic illness, and asthma.
Our pediatric team has extensive combined expertise in integrative, biomedical and functional medicine, and success in treating children with disorders that affect the brain, mood, behavior, and learning. We want to help parents raise the absolute healthiest and happiest children, and will support you along the journey.
Our medical staff work collaboratively to ensure that our patients are receiving the personalized, holistic care and treatment needed to help bring about optimal health and healing from minor illness to complex chronic illness. We also focus on preventing illness in aging and getting ahead of cognitive impairments.

At Newbridge Health & Wellness...

We provide the highest quality healthcare using a personalized, holistic, natural and functional medicine approach.

We focus on identifying and treating underlying root causes, rather than just treating symptoms. Lives are transformed every day with the transition to an unprocessed, organic, whole foods diet combined with healing the gut, balancing the microbiome, personalizing treatments that consider underlying genetic and epigenetic strengths and weaknesses, treating underlying infections if present, avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals, heavy metals and other toxicants, and detoxifying if needed. We value leading and working alongside you during your journey to optimal health and healing.

Meet Your Newbridge Team

What Services Do We Offer?

Meet with a provider one-on-one to create a treatment plan for improved health and quality of life. Our typical clinic visits are between 15 to 90 minutes, allowing us to throughly listen to your/your child’s symptoms, life timeline, social/emotional issues, diet, stress, and lifestyle, and provide adequate time for physical exam, health/medical problem solving, assessment, education, and support.
We offer a wide variety of therapies in order to address and treat a wide variety of health concerns, such as, FSM, CranioSacral, meditation, yoga calm, and Alpha-Stim. We value working together to customize a wellness plan as we guide and support you through your journey by addressing the body as well as the mind and spirit since chronic conditions often have underlying emotional components.
Research has shown that nutrition and gut health are vital to healing, optimal health, and even preventing illness. Every person should receive individualized attention when it comes to nutrition to have personalized plan that considers lifestyle factors. Our registered dietitian will help create a customized therapeutic diet in order to achieve your goals and live life to the fullest.

Classes & Groups

Our mission is to make functional medicine as affordable and accessable as possible. We offer a wide variety of classes, support groups and question and answer groups to help foster an environment of support and healing to achieve optimum health. These events are great opportunities to learn, ask questions, meet your Newbridge team, and meet others who are encountering similar situations. You don’t need to be a patient at Newbridge to attend!

Become a Patient

We focus on truly listening to patients and families, digging deep into patient histories and labwork, and consider underlying genetics and epigenetics, nutrition, mind-body-spirit and other lifestyle factors that contribute to illness. Our healthcare providers use a holistic approach and excel at diagnosing underlying medical/health conditions which impact overall health, function, and quality of life. We look forward to working with you!

What Do Our Patients Say?

Thanks for all you’ve done to help him!

Trisha, Mother of 5 year old

I have my life back. You are incredible!

Michael V

You’ve made a priceless impact of the life of Sadie and our entire family.

Marie, Mother of 6 year old