You may order supplements online from the comfort of your home through our contracted vendors – Doctors Supplement Store, Emerson Ecologics, Beyond Balance, Nutrition Dynamics, and more.

The quality of the supplements you purchase and take is important to your health and healing.  Independent has discovered that many over-the-counter supplements on the market do not contain the ingredients that are listed on the label, or contain additional ingredients, allergens and toxins/contaminants not listed on the label.  Therefore, we recommend only ordering the brands we have investigated and trust — only the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade brands that use the highest quality sourcing and manufacturing practices, in order to achieve optimal health and healing.

In order to help our patients and customers get all the highest quality and recommended supplements at a discount, we have set up “direct order” accounts with several of our vendors for standard and specialty products.

By using Newbridge Clinic’s unique access codes provided for each company below, you are able to place an order products at a great discount, up to 25% off!  Most patients report that prices offered here are the best they have found, for the identical product.  Simply follow the directions below, and search for the products that you desire.

Supplements in our office may be picked up on a walk-in basis during our open hours.  It is recommended (but not required) to call ahead of time to ensure we have the product/s available in stock that you are looking to purchase.

Doctor’s Supplement Store offers our patients greater access to supplements they need and want at a discount. They offer many of the common and harder-to-find brands and products we recommend for our patients, all in one site, including:

  • Houston Trienza digestive Enzymes
  • NeuroReplete by CHK Nutrition
  • Neuroscience 
  • And so much more!

Many of these brands have been difficult for patients to source in the past, outside of our clinic, so by creating an account to order with Doctors Supplement Store, you will have access to hundreds of recommended products.  By setting up an auto-ship account, you can receive additional discounts.

Follow the steps below to start ordering from Doctors Supplement Store!

  1. Go to
  2. Registration Code: SB617
  3. Order by phone or online. Phone: 877-846-7122 (8am-6pm Central Time).

**Please note: Patients wishing to order NeuroReplete by CHK Nutrition must call to place their orders, as that is a monitored brand.

*Free Shipping on all orders over $150, and you receive discounts off the retail price of all products!

*Save time and money!  Monthly auto-ship offered!  If you enroll in Auto Ship, you will receive free shipping and an additional 5% off the purchase.

Emerson Ecologics

Follow the steps below to start ordering from Emerson!

  1. Go to
    2. In the upper right hand corner, click on “Create a New Account”.
    3. When creating your user account, you will need to enter 55410 (our clinic’s previous zip code), and the access code, which is “bridge”.

Note: If you want to purchase heat-sensitive probiotics but would rather not pay the overnight shipping fee, another option would be to add a small or large cooler to your order (size dependent on number of bottles). A small cooler can be found by searching “SCOOL” and is $7.00. A large cooler can be found by searching “LCOOL” and is $10.00. They will pack ice packs into the cooler to keep the products from heating and it will save you the more expensive option of of overnight shipping.  Or you can pick up your probiotics and other heat sensitive products at Newbridge Clinic directly and avoid the shipping or cooler charges.

Emerson Online Ordering

Beyond Balance carries a wide variety of herbal products which we have found to be extremely helpful for our patients.

Follow the steps below to start ordering from Beyond Balance!

  1.  EMAIL, CALL1-800-332-7713Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST, or FAX your order to 707-584-0457.
  1. Provide Newbridge’s Practitioner’s Account Number (BEL0002), your name, address, phone#, product and quantity desired, credit card # (with expiration date), and your provider’s name.

Follow the steps below to start ordering from Natural Partners!

  1. Go to
  2. On the left-hand side of the webpage, there is a space for you to enter an authorization code/practitioner code that will link you with Newbridge and allow you to create an account. Enter 55435 (Newbridge Clinic’s current zip code) into the box and submit.
  3. Enter your personal account information and then you will be prompted to select Newbridge Clinic from the drop down physician box and then you will be able to browse the available products patients are able to order. If you are looking for something that does not appear in the available products as you scroll down the page, please contact our staff and we will let you know if the product can be made available to you or not.

**Discount appears once a product has been added to your cart.

Nutritional Dynamics

A couple of other sites that we have discount access to for products that are only available on the company’s website include Nutritional Dynamics and Metagenics products, and Regal Supplements (for Zeolite products):

Nutritional Dynamics Ordering Instructions:

Follow the steps below to start ordering from Nutri-Dyn!

  1. Go to
  2. Shop for the products you need from Nutri-dyn
  3. When you check-out the website will ask for you to register for an account and when prompted for a Newbridge Account number enter: 102520

**Once you get set-up, you will have access to popular product lines like Dynamic Greens and Metagenics.

*Please contact our staff if having any difficulty creating an account with Nutritional Dynamics or finding a product that has been recommended to you by our practitioners.

Regal Supplememts

Regal Supplements (Zeolite) Ordering Instructions:

Have you been recommended Zeolite AV capsules or Pure powder but aren’t sure where to access them from? Follow the link below to order those products under Newbridge Clinic’s affiliate account with Regal Supplements: