We value helping and caring as you and your family journey towards optimal health and wellness.

Front Desk

“My life journey has taken me on many different paths. The world of business somehow took a turn and led me down the road of working with children with special needs. Having now been led to Newbridge, my desire to continue to serve families on their life journey is being fulfilled. It is my pleasure to meet each of you and help in any way I can. Blessings.”

Patient Care Coordinator

“I have a degree in Elementary Education. I enjoy working at Newbridge because my coworkers are awesome! I am passionate about traveling and food.”

– MARY –
Office Manager

Medical Scribe

“My education background starts with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Nutrition and I am working towards my Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. I have been with Newbridge for over 3 years and continue to enjoy working here due to the successful turn-around we see many patients make; it brings me joy to celebrate every milestone achieved with them. In my free time, I like to get outdoors with my husband and dog or try new Paleo-inspired recipes and catch up on craft projects around my home.”

Medical Scribe

“I am a certified doula and hold certifications as an herbalist. I am continuing my education towards the goal of becoming a midwife. I enjoy working for Newbridge because everyday I learn from others about life and how to deepen my knowledge on healing. I am passionate about women’s health and teaching others to be advocates for their own health! Every day is a journey!”

Admin Support

“I am a certified nurses assistant and am currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Healing. I am honored to work at Newbridge because the team of practitioners are caring and offer unique and impeccable skill sets to treat a vast variety of complex symptoms (physical, emotional and mental) that are difficult to understand in traditional modalities. I am passionate about spiritual connection, worship through prayer, singing and playing music, spending time in nature, giving spiritual healings and end of life care.”

Admin Support

“I enjoy working at Newbridge because of the vast amount of knowledge everyone, admin to practitioners, has to offer. Getting to be a small part in our patients’ journeys is truly a privilege. I am passionate about clean and green living, social justice and peace, as well as traveling, hiking, and camping whenever possible.”