What ages do you see?
Do you accept private insurance and are you in-network for private insurance plans?
Do you accept public or government-based insurance (medicaid, medicare or straight medical assistance)?
How much do visits cost, and what is the typical length of appointments?
I love your approach to health and wellness. Can you be my or my child's primary care provider or provide urgent care?
Do you sell nutritional supplements?
I have a very high insurance deductible, but I really want the care that you offer. Is there a less expensive way that I (or my child) can see you and start healing and getting healthier?
I received my treatment plan, which was very helpful, but I am not sure in what order and how to start my/my child's diet changes and supplements?
I know that eating organic and avoiding pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are important, but how do I start?
What is a herxheimer effect or die off?
I am so busy and stressed all of the time, what can I do?
My child's behavior and inattention is driving me crazy! I can't stand it anymore. Where do I start to help him/her calm down?
What is methylation, and what do genetics have to do with me or my child's health, mood or behavior?
My child was just diagnosed with autism. What can I do to help him?