Newbridge Clinic offers a wide variety of classes, support groups and question and answer (Q&A) groups for support with healing and helping people achieve optimum health. Select a course title from the list of courses below to view availability and begin the online registration and payment process.

Classes and Groups We Offer:

  • ADHD/Autism/Sensory Integration/PANDAS/PANS Group
  • Methylation/Epigenetics Group
  • Complex Chronic Illness Group
  • Infertility and Preconception Class
  • Chronic Illness Support Group (free)
  • Coming Soon: Kids Yoga & Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

Who Leads the Events?

Stephanie Belseth, CPNP is the founder of Newbridge Clinic, and a board certified integrative pediatric nurse practitioner who has received advanced training through the Medical Academy of Children with Special Needs (MAPS), and many other professional organization.
Mara Liss, MD is a board certified pediatrician who specializes in pediatric integrative medicine and wellness.
Catherine Dolan, MD is a board-certified family physician with extensive experience practicing in holistic and integrative medicine.
Rachel Wood, RD, LD, IFNCP, is a registered dietitian as well as an integrative and functional nutritionist. 

Guide to Classes and Groups:

Classes are either a one-time or multi-session course that is usually lecture-based with time for questions and answers throughout the course. They are typically focused on one topic.
Q&A’s Groups are often led by the providers, where everyone asks a specific question and they will provide direct answers. Both events are a wealth of information.
Support Group is facilitated by Cathy Dolan, with help from Samantha Collins, however majority of the time is spent discussing and interacting as a group.

Cost: $20 per group

Where: Newbridge Clinic
7101 York Ave. S
Suite 130
Edina, MN 55435

Did you know you can watch these events online via Zoom? It’s a simple registration, a quick login, and then you are set up to watch from home, work, or wherever!


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