Our Mission

To provide the highest quality, caring, affordable, supportive, and accessible integrative health care to infants, children, families and adults.


Our Approach

Newbridge Clinic is a child, family and adult health and healing practice located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area specializing in the treatment of infants, children, adolescents and adults with chronic health conditions, as well as consultative general holistic pediatric wellness and preventive care, with a focus on nutrition and lifestyle factors, green/eco-parenting, and natural health care and parenting.  In addition, our clinic provides consultative care, nutritional counseling and coaching to individuals throughout the lifespan.


Newbridge Clinic health care providers excel at diagnosing underlying health conditions, which impact overall health, function, and quality of life. We develop comprehensive treatment plans for patients based on both conventional and complementary therapies, with a focus on functional and integrative medicine.


In additional to child and adult nutritional counseling, biomedical care, optimal health, and well baby and child visits, Newbridge Clinic specializes in the treatment of the following health conditions:

    * Attention disorders

    * Autism spectrum disorders

    * Autoimmune conditions

    * Developmental delays

    * Disorders of childhood

    * Behavior concerns

    * Food intolerances and allergies

    * Gastrointestinal conditions

    * Genetic conditions

    * Learning Disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalcula, slow processing speed, 

    * Metabolic Syndrome

    * Weight Management

    * Hormonal issues

    * Mental Health conditions of all kinds

    * Preconception health and planning

    * Pre-natal health
    * Post-natal health
    * Health conditions requiring special diets

    * Hard to treat chronic conditions

Click here for a more detailed listing of the various conditions treated at Newbridge Clinic.


Our Location

7300 France Avenue South Suite #328
Edina, MN 55435

 Our location is not only beautiful, but very convenient for our patients and offers great parking, freeway access, and conference facilities to host support groups and educational classes.

Clinic Hours (new as of January 2015)

  • Monday 8:00-4:30
  • Tuesday 8:00-4:30
  • Wednesday 8:00-4:30
  • Thursday 8:00-4:30
  • Friday 8:30-12:30 (for supplements or other needs, no appointments)
Please call or email prior to coming in if you would like to verify that we have certain supplements in stock or if you need to pick up lab kits or supplements, and our hours do not work for your schedule.

Holiday Hours

Memorial Day: CLOSED
4th of July: CLOSED
Labor Day :CLOSED
Thanksgiving: CLOSED
Day after Thanksgiving: CLOSED
Christmas Eve: CLOSED
Christmas Day: CLOSED
New Years Eve: CLOSED    
New Years Day: CLOSED